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Welcome to Career Blueprint, Inc., an Internet site that will provide you with the most comprehensive recruitment tool available for the building construction industry.


We are dedicated to the following:

  • Service that will become a mainstay of your long-term recruitment efforts.
  • Our process calls for us to interview each candidate by either video-conference or in person; providing the pre-screening in a real "first" interview setting, that will be representative of your organization. We will offer a level of professionalism and precision to pinpoint the most eligible candidates; and then represent your organization to it's fullest potential by installing a system of requirements that each recruit must match before they make consideration as a short listed finalist for your opening.
  • Our efforts are measured and timely in comparison with other career construction sites and recruitment methods.
    We complete our assignments; and do so correctly the first time; as evidenced by the testimonials that you are welcome to review.
  • We are hired by top construction organizations on an exclusive, contingency or retained basis.
    The services we offer are dependent on the complexity of a given assignment and the
    level of service required by our client.
  • We will offer you a "hands-on" approach by visiting your office and meeting with you prior to the signing off on any search. By meeting at your organization we obtain a complete "snapshot" of your firms culture and working environment, which will better represent you to prospective candidate recruits in this challenging, talented and competitive marketplace.
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I would like to personally welcome you to our site. We are proud to offer such a special recruitment tool developed specifically for the vertical construction marketplace. Have some fun, take your time and learn something new! Grab hold of your organizations future. After you have navigated your way through our pages; we would appreciate all ideas, suggestions or inquiries regarding the content of our site. If there is something that you are interested in or would like to see and have access to; please email comments to:

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Michael A. Arieta
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